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  • Private

    Tracking client investments, aggregating portfolios, keeping risk under control, and generating new investment ideas all become quicker and easier.

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  • Wealth

    Analyze and aggregate multi-bank client portfolios. Create customized investment proposals using advanced analysis tools.

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  • Assets

    Make analysis and choices simpler using advanced indicators and tools that identify the best opportunities and permit efficient control of all the portfolio’s exposures.

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Wealth Manager

  • Holistic vision

    Complete and comprehensive tracking with constant control of both the portfolio as a whole and all the portfolios managed.

  • Personalized investment solutions

    Develop customized investment proposals that achieve the investment objectives your clients want, quickly and easily.

  • Making more-informed investment decisions

    Emphasize and enhance your experience and professional skill with support from advanced analysis tools and models that let you manage even the most complex needs of your clients.

Private Banker

  • Build a portfolio

    Enhance your experience and professional skills by creating rapid and personalized investment solutions in line with your clients’ objectives.

  • Save money, save time.

    Keep all portfolios under constant control. Check risk and performance management with just a click and support from behavioral financial indicators

  • Make more informed investment decisions

    Advanced scenario analysis, fund selection, and future performance conditioned probability tools are all at your disposal with objective indicators for the closest assessment of every opportunity the market offers.

Assets Manager

  • Pre-screening and data analysis:

    Access a wide database of figures and information to select the market’s best opportunities using multi-factor indicators.

  • Advanced analysis tools

    Systematic portfolio exposure tracking, peer analysis, proprietary assessment models for undervalued and overvalued assets and scenario analysis.

  • Digital requests for quotes

    This permits OTC asset quote requests in real time.

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  • The only financial software solution that bases your outlook on conditioned probabilities
  • Quick portfolio loading from Excel file
  • Immediate portfolio diagnosis
  • Constant tracking of all portfolios
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The EX-ANTE Private Bankers module was formulated to offer financial consultants a way to dedicate more time to their clients, cultivate successful relationships, and keep a sharp competitive edge in the financial consulting market transformed by MiFid 2. Our research and development centers on risk management, an intelligent use of matchings, and the refinement of performance indicators based on behavioral finance that afford vision beyond the performance of single financial instruments, mutual funds and/or ETF. This content helped DIAMAN Tech create financial software that complements traditional platforms with models and methods more innovative than those of the Markowitz mean-variance frontier.The EX-ANTE Private Bankers module lets you create, track, and update amply diversified portfolios in just a few clicks. A series of risk-based asset allocations defined index-based portfolio models permits the acceleration of the process of generating different investment ideas tailored to client objectives and expectations. The portfolio can then be further personalized with the best funds and/or ETFs deemed most appropriate to various volatility, Sharpe Ratio,and DIAMAN Ratio parameters and many other statistical indicators.